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Are you looking to tone and strengthen your abdomen, buttocks and thighs? CoolTone is an exciting new body contouring innovation that targets those muscles under the fat. With a CoolTone treatment, you can better define your muscles without surgery, in a non-invasive procedure. Let the experienced and friendly team at Allure Dermatology tighten your core and tone and lift your buttocks with the top CoolTone the valley has available!

Cooltone Q & A


CoolTone utilizes a magnetic muscle stimulation technology that penetrates your skin and the layers of fat to get to the muscle layer. Recently cleared by the FDA, the CoolTone device offers 50% more magnetic intensity than any other similar equipment.

The high-powered coil electromagnetic stimulation induces involuntary muscle contractions to which your body responds by strengthening the muscle fibers. The device targets a combination of muscle fibers and groups that can be addressed with exercise as well as those that can not. (Some muscle contractions and conditioning that occur during treatment cannot be achieved through regular exercise.) The result is enhanced muscle conditioning, firmer abdomen, buttocks and thighs and an overall more toned appearance.


The treatment takes between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the area being treated and requires no anesthesia. The CoolTone device sends energy into your body to contract your muscle tissue.

An estimate of 25,000 muscle contractions can occur during your treatment. Your muscles adapt to the intensity and change to develop muscle tissue that leads to a better toned and contoured appearance. The intensity can be as light as you want but it is recommended for a moderate high to high level for better results.


There are many amazing reasons why getting our Los Angeles CoolTone treatment will improve your body and your self-confidence. Here are the top 10 benefits of CoolTone:

  • Enhances your abs & arms
  • Increased core strength for better posture and overall fitness
  • Lifts and tones buttocks for both men and women
  • No downtime
  • Non-surgical alternative to a butt lift
  • Quick treatment, less than an hour
  • Strengthens and tones your muscles
  • Targets your abdomen, arm and leg muscles
  • Tightens your buttocks and upper legs
  • Increased athletic performance


CoolTone won’t replace regular workouts but can be an excellent adjunct to working out and many patients have seen their own abilities increase after treatments.

Though not a cardiovascular exercise, patients have reported their stamina and overall performance in their regular cardio workouts have improved after treatment. Similarly, strength training workouts can improve as well after treatments.


Am I a good candidate for CoolTone?

Almost anyone in good physical health who eats well and exercises regularly is a good candidate for CoolTone in Los Angeles. If you are physically active and have a low body fat percentage, you are an ideal candidate to get additional body contouring and more definition to the abs and buttocks.

But is CoolTone really effective?

Yes, the CoolTone device sends magnetic waves into your muscle and the nerve structures that stimulate contractions. It does not go into the fat.

Your normal exercise routine cannot provide the kind of stimulus required to trigger changes to your muscle fibers for maximum benefit.

What areas of the body does CoolTone treat?

This innovative device, with its adaptive design, can be used on many areas of your body, including the abdomen, arms, buttocks, and thighs.

How many treatments will I need?

During your consultation, you can go over all the details with our team. The majority of patients get four CootTone treatments done initially with one treatment every few months after to maintain your initial results. The length of your session will be determined by how many areas are being treated. (A typical abdomen takes 30 minutes).

Is CoolTone safe? Is there a recovery period?

CoolTone is a safe and FDA-cleared treatment that is non-invasive. There is no downtime but it might feel like you’ve gone through an intense workout. You will likely feel some very mild soreness afterwards that can last for a day after your treatment.

What is the difference between CoolTone and CoolSculpting?

CoolTone compliments what you get from CoolSculpting. Once fat cells are destroyed and eliminated by CoolSculpting, CoolTone can then target your muscles to strengthen and tone them for further body contouring. Both techniques are non-surgical and can be done during the same session (starting with CoolSculpting), for a maximum punch against fat and the ultimate redefining of your body. This dynamic duo treatment can transform your physique. Call us today and find out about the new CoolTone treatment and what it can do for you.